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  • ‘Gaming’ Changers: De-risking oil and gas design, delivery and operations through digital engineering and immersive technolog

    Technology has transformed the energy industry over the last 60 years. It has made processes more efficient, employees more productive and crucially, has improved the safety of both workers and facilities. After decades of invention and billions of dollars of investment have made immersive technology – software and devices that blend our physical and digital worlds – rapidly more accessible, powerful and cost-effective.

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  • Putting the power into empowerment to drive forward digitalization

    It’s time to put a common misconception to rest. The oil and gas industry is not lagging behind other industrial sectors in the race towards digitalization. We are leading the charge. This confidence is borne from our status as one of the earliest adopters of digital technologies to efficiently transform complex reservoirs into revenues.

    However, two things have happened since our industry first started adopting digital in its original form several decades ago.

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  • Meet the workforce of the future

    When we talk about the digital transformation of the oil and gas industry, it’s often about big data, artificial intelligence, computing power, software, Blockchain, etc.

    But, at the centre of our industry are people and the types of worker the oil and gas industry employs, as well as the equipment and systems they use, are changing.

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  • What's the difference now?

    We have been here before, right? It’s been called the Smart field (Shell), i-Field (Chevron), Field of the Future (BP) and now “digitalisation” is the new big thing.

    But, is it so new? Is the industry that slow to adopt intelligent, smart or digital solutions or are we just getting lost in terminology soup? The short answer is yes and no to all three questions. The challenge is that, depending on your standpoint, you will have very different views.

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  • Why ENGenious™?

    We’re entering a new era. It’s complex, structured in a very different way to the one we’re used to, uses a different language to the one we’re used to and is constantly changing.
    But, it’s also a huge opportunity. Some have coined it the 4th Industrial Revolution, but it’s much more. It’s automation, data analytics, smart communications, and robotics. It’s the cloud and the edge working together; machine learning and smart sensors providing the big as well as the granular picture.

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  • Offshore re-imagined: a 2050 vision

    Imagine a world where offshore facilities no longer need human intervention. Instead, drones fly materials and equipment out to robotically-maintained facilities.

    It’s 2050. Remote field operations are the industry standard, cognitive computing is mainstream and robotics and mechanisation are pervasive throughout production and drilling operations.

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