Accelerate – Learning from Others

The energy industry has a long-standing reputation for being slow to adopt new technologies. Many developers describe a “rush to be second (or third or fourth)” when it comes persuading their clients to consider a new technology. Although this stereotype is fairly accurate, it hides some challenges, prejudices and ignorance, both in the technology development community and the operator buyer community. 

Other industries have adopted new technologies much faster, you only have to look at the phenomenal rate of development in photovoltaic solar cells or wind turbines in the renewable power market to see that.  These industries have also embraced changes in their ways of doing business to better deliver the advantages of digital technology.

The adoption rate of digital technologies in the energy industry has risen dramatically in the last 18 months, demonstrating an acute awareness of the cultural shifts within and outside of the sector. This session will seek to identify what our industry can learn from others to further accelerate the uptake of all things digital.