New Ways of Working- The Blended Future Workforce

The pace of change in the energy industry continues to accelerate, driven by the need to capitalise on the opportunities available by adopting new digital technologies. Old paradigms are struggling to keep up and in the worst case will leave businesses falling behind their competitors. Business as usual is not an option, change is here.

With the adoption of digital technologies, we will need to shift towards a blended workforce full of different experiences and backgrounds. Existing workers require a willingness and appetite to continuously learn and upskill for this change. Companies will also need to adjust how to collaborate in new ways across the existing and expanding ecosystem.

Regardless of whether the transformation is coming from the c-suite, or at a specific business unit or department, how your workforce adapts, matters.  This stream allows you to get hands on experience, learn about new jobs and skillsets, listens to new ways of thinking and engage with companies that have applied a new way of working.